Friday, September 05, 2008

What you should and shouldn’t do at Yahoogroups

Fellow Virtual Assistant Kathie Thomas (from Australia) posted this fantastic article today about etiquette on Yahoo Groups. When participating in any email list or group, these tips are important reminders to us all:

- Use full sentences, not jargon that you would use on IM or while texting.
- Don't assume someone meant to offend - ask them offlist.
- Re-read your message before posting.
- When replying, delete anything not pertaining to your reply.
- If you change the topic, change the subject line.
- Avoid using wallpaper backgrounds.
- Check your grammar!
- Include a signature line

Read her full article here: » What you should and shouldn’t do at Yahoogroups

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Kathie M. Thomas said...

Thank you Cindy, how nice of you to comment about my post. I've been a yahoogroup user for many years so thought it time I share my experience and knowledge :-)