Monday, October 31, 2005

Are you still not backing up your data?

I know it all too well. About a year ago, I accidentally downloaded something that brought massive amounts of spyware to my computer. Though I tried for weeks to clean it up and get rid of the annoyances, it became clear that nothing short of re-formatting the hard drive would get rid of the pests. I dutifully backed up everything I thought to be important to CD, then started the frightening task of a clean start. Only one problem. Somehow a directory or two missed getting backed up. A folder of minutes from my church meetings was annoying, but probably re-creatable. The Quicken file however, was costly and time-consuming to re-create (and had to be done before I could file taxes).

Since then, I've purchased an external hard drive where I dutifully back up all those important files and folders just in case something happens in the future. Plus, it's been great to take infrequently used files off my hard drive and store them on my backup drive. Once the first full backup is complete, incremental backups take only a few minutes of my week while providing a great peace of mind.

Are you backing up?

Is Your City Wi-Fi Friendly?

Wi-Fi is fast becoming the way to go when accessing the internet away from home. How does your city stack up?

5 most Wi-Fi friendly American cities

bIs your business disaster-ready?

The hurricanes this fall have brought it to our mind, but a hurricane isn't the only event that might qualify as a disaster for your business. Earthquakes, floods, tornados and other natural disasters (and don't forget fires) can occur anytime, anywhere. Be prepared! Microsoft's Small Business Center has a list of .great ideas for making sure your business is prepared in case disaster strikes. Prepare today, before disaster strikes!

Thursday, October 27, 2005

5 tips for tightening your wireless network's security

Going wireless is the trend of today, but how many of us know the ins and outs of using our Wi-Fi safely? Check out this article from Microsoft's Small Business Center on ways to make sure you're operating securely.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Taking Charge of Windows XP

How do you control what programs launch when you start Windows XP? How can you recover a corrupted system file? Check out PC Magazine's Tips for taking charge of Windows XP!

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Spyware and Adware: A Warrior's Guide

What is the difference between Spyware and Adware? How do you block them? What else should you know about this increasing problem?

PC Magazine answers these questions and many more - see their article: "Book Excerpt from PC Magazine: Spyware and Adware: A Warrior's Guide"

Linking iPods and Car Radios

How often have you wished you could listen to your iPod in the car? PC Magazine runs down 6 ways to link your iPod into your car stereo system!

Linking iPods and Car Radios

Monday, October 03, 2005

PC Magazine Blogging Primer

Do you read other's blogs and wonder, "how do they do that"? PC Magazine's blogging primer answers all your questions!