Sunday, August 31, 2008

Employee vs. Virtual Assistant

Employee vs. Virtual Assistant

Now that you've decided you need some help for the administrative and day-to-day aspects of your business, you have a decision to make: Hire an employee or use a Virtual Assistant? Here are some things to consider when making your decision:

Employee (or a "Temp")

› You can set their schedule and how they do certain tasks.
› Low(er) hourly rate
› Often able to come into your office to answer phones, file paperwork, etc.
› Must pay payroll taxes, unemployment insurance, liability insurance, possibly benefits, bonuses, etc.
› Might need to provide equipment (computer, desk, software, etc.)
› Must provide and pay for training.
› You will be paying for break times and other non-productive time.
› How long will they stay? Are there advancement opportunities?
You will likely need to promise a certain number of hours per week.
Virtual Assistant
› They have advanced skills and experience in a variety of software and programs. If you find a VA specializing in your industry they will already know industry-specific software, trends, and lingo.
› No benefits, taxes, or insurance to pay.
› No equipment needed - they provide their own!
› They are invested in your business and want to work with you long-term.
You can commit to a lower number of hours (or maybe not commit at all).
› You only pay for actual time spent on your project(s).
› They won't come into your office to file or answer the phone (although some offer remote phone answering).
› Higher hourly rate (offset by not paying overhead & taxes).

A Virtual Assistant isn't for everyone. Certain industries need employees and some use both employees and Virtual Assistants. To successfully use a Virtual Assistant be prepared to work virtually (more on that in the next issue!), build a long-term relationship, and be open to new ideas. Now that you're informed, the choice is up to you!

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Sherra Scott ~ Virtual Assistant said...

Most people are still trying to figure out virtual assistants, what they do and how. I think you spelled that out very well Cindy.