Monday, January 05, 2009

Cindy Opong wins VAccolade Award

Wow. I am totally speechless this morning. I woke up to the announcement that I was nominated for and chosen to be the recipient for January 2009 of VANetworking's distinguished VAccolade award. This is a huge honor as it means I've been recognized by my peers for outstanding service in our industry. I am so appreciative and feel undeserving. When you love the work you do and enjoy volunteering to make an organization (or multiple orgs!) better, you certainly don't expect to be recognized in this manner.

You can see more information about the award here and also here.

And you'll want to also check out VANetworking's homepage. An awesome forum for Virtual Assistants and businesses looking to find a VA.

Thanks to Tawnya and everyone behind the scenes at VANetworking - you rock!

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Laurie/Halo Secretarial said...

Congratulations Cindy on winning the VAnetworking's VAccolade Award - what a great way to start off 2009! Wishing you a very successful year!