Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Top 10 Reasons Santa needs a Virtual Assistant

Top 10 Reasons Santa needs a Virtual Assistant!

10. He could use help making those lists!

9. His VA can take on the time-consuming task of checking it twice…

8. Who else is going to read through all the letters from children?

7. A VA will have that trip around the world planned in no time!

6. His VA could ship all those toys directly to the children’s homes…

5. Santa’s so busy, he needs a reminder to get Mrs. Claus a gift.

4. He could have his VA drop-ship reindeer food along the travel route.

3. The VA can easily manage all those Elves and their many projects!

2. A VA will organize his calendar of speaking engagements.

…And the #1 reason Santa needs a VA:

1. The world has gone electronic and Santa needs a website!

Happy Holidays!


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