Saturday, March 11, 2006

Wireless networking baffling you?

Trying to network your home computers? Can't figure it out? Baffled? The good news (if there is any) is that you're not alone.

One of my clients is a local ISP and I work with his customers every day troubleshooting networking issues. Therefore, this article came as no surprise to me: "Wireless networking baffles some customers". Even in my own home, I can't get the wireless feature of my (aging) router to work with my brand new computer. It's an industry-wide problem that needs some serious consideration. How can they make it easier for the average consumer to use this technology? And when will they improve the hardware so the failure rates are significantly lower?

From my experience, the easiest wireless router to set up is Linksys. But even that is no guarentee everything will go smoothly. My recommendation: Try setting it up first on your own. Then call the free product support number for help. Then call a professional, we can help.

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